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Neha Dhupia busy with mini series ‘Bollywood Hero’

Neha Dhupia has not had a Bollywood release in 2009 as yet, but this does not mean that the sexy lady is out of work at present. She is busy with her mini series titled ‘Bollywood Hero’ for the western world. Neha was contacted by Tabrez Noorani, who was a line producer for Slumdog Millionaire, and asked her to play the part of Alima Lakhani. Neha auditioned for the role and got the part.

Bollywood Hero, stars Chris Katta from Saturday Night Live and Julian Sanda. The series is about Chris whose ambition is to be an actor in a Bollywood film. Neha comes into the picture when Chris comes to Mumbai and lands a role in a Bollywood film, where she plays his co-star Alima. Alima, is this famous star when it comes to Hindi films and she is cast opposite this newcomer from the west who has come to India to act in a film.

Neha had auditioned for the role in January and the shoot started only in March. Currently the production process is still on and is scheduled to be completed by the 22nd of April.



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